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Based on the popular 1943 "We Can Do It" poster by J. Howard Miller this 4" vinyl sticker is an inspiring call to action! All profits from the sale of these stickers will be donated by huntillustration + britter-sweet art to organizations that support people of color and other underserved communities (see additional info section for details).

BLM/"We can Do It" (4" vinyl sticker)

    Founded by DéLana R.A. Dameron, “BAFF (is) a small operation in the philanthropic community. It gave out just $21,000 to six grantees in 2019. It also operates small itself, with around four board members and an all-volunteer staff. But that might be appropriate since its mission is to help small organizations. The average budget of grantees in 2019 was $168,000. While its focus will always be on small grantees, Dameron hopes to grow BAFF as an organization. She is building networks of donors and supporters and knows that if BAFF can eventually hire a development staff, it can raise more money for grantees.” - Grantmakers in the Arts (Oct 16, 2019)
    The Innocence Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit legal organization that is committed to exonerating individuals who it claims have been wrongly convicted through the use of DNA testing and to reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice. So far, the group has exonerated 208 innocent citizens – and 149 true perpetrators have been found. They have also been instrumental in getting 15 wrongful convictions reforms passed. According to CharityWatch, which gives the organization a top rating, this group uses 84% of its funds on programs.

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